What we do

We help clients access technology better

We enhance the success of our clients by improving their ability to access, understand, and implement technology solutions.



Investors Growing companies Investors Growing companies


How we help Investors

We help professional, institutional, and corporate investors make smarter technology-based decisions.

Technology Due Diligence

Identify and align acquisition objectives, issues, and risks

Assess capabilities and quality of assets

Evaluate long-term operating and support costs, critical staff, and vendor dependencies

Platform Review

Evaluate platform vitality, strategy, and roadmap

Perform scalability and stability assessments

Recommend leadership and rescue strategies

Inform full software lifecycle planningand enhancements

Portfolio Optimization

Identify key technology investments

Vet partners for development and maintenance

Propose mechanisms for reducing platform costs

Balance risks and opportunities

Investment Landscape Analysis

Gather hands-in intelligence on leading and emerging technologies

Develop pipeline for strategic acquisition and investment

Contract tailored research and assesments

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Help for Startups at all stages

We help startups and entrepeneurs find their way to market with robust technology solutions.

Project and Team Leadership

Build and scale with expertise. Our staff works with your team to improve delivery and execution.

Product Roadmap Development

Evaluate. Document. Enhance. Compete. We bring industry expertise to get you ahead.

Project Rescue

Stuck? We can help.

Development Services

In/out of house. On/near/offshore. Have it your way, and get it done well.

Fundraising Support

We can lead you along the path of strategic opportunities and capital raising.

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Turn-key solutions, packaged and priced for your success.

Business Technology Assessment

Have us perform a high-level assessment of your business technology alignment.

Minimal Viable Product (MVP) Development

Have a business idea? Get your project started. Fixed price packages for idea validation, MVP implementation, and roadmap planning.

Coffee Talk and Office Hours

Ideas or questions? Let's set some time.

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We do a lot

When it comes to technology, we have you covered

Special Projects

Datacenter Development/Cloud/Hybrid Strategy

Security Audit and Penetration Testing

Low Latency Software Development

Big Data Analyitics

Market Research and Business Development

Software Development

Ecommerce and web publishing platform architecture and development

Relational and Nosql Big Data System Data Development

Business Intelligence, predictive analytics, statistical learning, artificial intelligence

Low latency

Infrastructure Deployment

Virtualized Environment Planning

Converged SAN

Source Configuration Managment/Continuous Integration/Lightweight Container Deployment

Professional Infrastructure as a Service

IT Governance

IT audit and managed procurement

Six Sigma Implementation

Specialized IT consultancy for streamlining IT operations

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning

Network Security evaluation and penetration testing

Our Clients

Selected Clients

We've worked with hedgefunds, private equity companies, and marketing agencies. How can we help you?

Multi-hundred million PE rollup

Target evaluation, conceptual architecture, and infrastructure development.

Investment services platform

Technology due-diligence, exchange integration, fixed income platform support

Fixed Income Securities Broker-Dealer

Self-clearing infrastructure and operations support

Magic-Quadrant Cloud Security Technology Vendor

Project rescue and capability expansion

Education Technology Startup

Intellectual property strategy, infrastructure development, staffing, strategic partnership development

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